Things that you may not know about chord progression

Most people find the part of getting chord progression right the hardest of all things when it comes to writing a song. Theory of chords is one topic that requires a considerable amount of study in order for one to understand. If you face a lot of problems in working with chords then you can take the help of a chord progression generator. Now let us look into some of the important things that you may not be aware of chord progression.

generate piano chord progressions

Things to know-Some of the important things that you need to know about chord progression include

  1. Arranging the right chord progression is not a random process. This is one of the biggest reason that why some chords sound right while others don’t. Every key irrespective of whether it is a major or a minor on is known to have 7 pitches that together make up the scale. You can create a 3 note chord on each of the scale note which will give you the 7 chords naturally in the key.


  1. It has been often found that most songwriters hate predictability in chords. However, the predictable chord progression is considered to be just fine. Chord progressions cannot be copyrighted which is why the same chords are being used again and again in various songs. To get a proper chord progression you can make use of the best music theory app.


  1. With the help of a chord progression generator, you can generate piano chord progressions and also other types of chord progressions on different instruments as well.


  1. As chord progression is not protected by copyright laws, they can be used in other songs as well.

To conclude, the chord progression is the most difficult part of a song if you are to get it right. However, you can use chord progression generators that can make your task easy.


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